Mudmode Sticker

Mudmode Sticker


Inspired by fighters running by him in the park everyday Mudmode dreamed of being more than a small lump of mud. One day he tried to form himself into the shape of a fighter but he was too weak. He didn't give up! Day by day he willed himself to become what he wanted to be until finally he had the form of a fighter!  He watched fighters train every day and shadowed their every move. Self-taught and highly motivated, Mudmode hopes to win a fighting championship to inspire everyone to follow their dreams. "If I can do it, anyone can! NO EXCUSES!" This sticker promotes DETERMINATION.

A 2.25" x 3"colorful UV-coated matte die-cut vinyl sticker with a protective surface that stands up to the elements. 

Shipped as a single sticker packaged inside a protective crystal clear sleeve.

From the world of BIG BAD SUPERFIGHT!