GoldGard Sticker

GoldGard Sticker


A perfectionist at heart GoldGard prefers the finer things in life. A diligent worker who always improves skills with consistent, meticulous practice, his workouts are clearly organized and he sticks to a very precise schedule. He doesn’t have time for mistakes and is very focused on creating a perfect fighting style. Uppity and snobbish, GoldGard believes his quest for perfection in life and fighting style is what puts him above everyone else.  “Perfection makes me peerless and FEARLESS!” This sticker promotes PREPARATION.

A 2.25" x 3"colorful UV-coated matte die-cut vinyl sticker with a protective surface that stands up to the elements. 

Shipped as a single sticker packaged inside a protective crystal clear sleeve.

From the world of BIG BAD SUPERFIGHT!